Maximizing the Productivity of an Online Board Meeting

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Online board meeting are a great convenience for board members who often travel extensively for their work. They can attend meetings without worrying about altering their schedules, or dealing with limitations on time, such as the quarantine period and the cost of flights.

However, there are certain factors to take into consideration to ensure the effectiveness of an online board meeting. For example the meeting organizer must ensure that all participants have the appropriate equipment and software prior to beginning the meeting. This includes ensuring that the screen and microphone are functioning properly. It is recommended to have an employee available to assist attendees. They can help with login issues, provide technical assistance during the conference, and also monitor the chat box to answer questions.

The board chair should also set the tone for an online meeting, by establishing the rules for the discussion. They may ask participants to raise their virtual hands to speak to avoid multiple people speaking at once. They can also urge participants to use the mute feature when they do not wish to be heard, or if they are not actively participating in the discussion. They can also ask that speakers identify themselves before speaking to avoid confusion about who is speaking.

In the end, it is essential to prepare a written agenda for online board meetings to ensure that everyone knows what is to be discussed and the direction of the meeting. It is also a great idea to communicate the agenda to participants ahead of time, so they can prepare questions and responses.

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