How to Keep a Borad Meeting Online Running Smoothly

By April 28, 2024 No Comments

As nonprofits continue to shift away from in-person meetings to virtual calls, it’s important that board members understand how to ensure that these meetings run smoothly. Whether participants are in the same room or across the world, there are a variety of things that can affect the quality of a meeting. For instance, a person might encounter technical issues such as a froze screen or a sudden loss of audio. While these issues may happen, the best way to avoid them is to prepare in advance.

For instance, planning an agenda in advance allows attendees to see what’s coming up and give feedback on possible topics before the meeting. This can help the meeting go more smoothly since attendees will be able to focus on the most important issues. The agenda should be able to include items in order of priority and also allocate time slots for each topic. The agenda should also contain an approximate time of the meeting to ensure that attendees adhere to the agenda and don’t exceed their allotted time.

A teleconference tool permits members to share their computer screen with other members of the group. This will ensure that the online meeting running smoothly. This is especially helpful if the board needs to present financial statements, committee reports or any other document that requires a visual representation.

This feature allows users to make changes in real-time to the file that is shown to a group. This feature can be very useful for a group who is reviewing an Excel spreadsheet that is driven by data.


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