How Are Virtual Data Rooms Used?

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Virtual data rooms are utilized at any time that companies need to share confidential information with third-party parties. They allow the documentation to be accessed in a secure and easily, while also ensuring that it’s not accessible or copied. They are often utilized during corporate transactions such as mergers and acquisitions or funding processes.

The process of executing an IPO for instance, requires a great deal of due diligence and the sharing of documents with both the general public and shareholders. This involves the careful management of documents for the company and is usually subject to additional regulations and rules at the state, local and federal levels. Virtual data rooms facilitate this process for companies that are considering going public. They ensure that all essential information is readily available to the right people, at the right time.

Startups also employ VDRs to secure investment that requires a amount of sensitive documentation to be shared. This type of information is usually financial and includes historical and projected income statements and captables (including equity from the option pool) as well as the relative allocations of founders. It is also commonplace to include an outline of the strategic goals of future growth of the company.

Board members of a firm are heavily involved in company’s operations and must have access to all critical documentation. However, they are frequently located across the globe and require a secure platform for communication and share documents with other others in the company. A good virtual data room will provide features like drag-and-drop upload, bulk invitations, dynamic watermarking, auto index numbering, and many more to ensure that the process is efficient and simple for all parties.

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