Advantages of Virtual Data Room

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For most companies, a digital data room is an indispensable instrument to help facilitate any business transaction. The right VDR can make the difference between an efficient and seamless procedure and one that is a burden and compromises the success of the deal.

In addition to the robust physical security measures such as backups offsite for data and fire protection, a reputable virtual data room provider will offer customizable features that further protect sensitive information. These features include encryption of data both in transit and at rest; dynamic watermarks that are placed on every printed document page; and granular user permissions which allow the administrator of the data room to control exactly who can view, print, or download documents.

A virtual data room offers the advantage of providing an easy way to store and share sensitive documents. This significantly reduces the time spent emailing documents around and makes it much simpler to access files for due diligence, collaboration on projects, or other business activities.

A good virtual data room will offer an audit trail of all users and the activities they document. This is an essential feature for businesses in highly-regulated industries like finance or healthcare where compliance is a must. The ability to monitor who has accessed the data, when, and for how long can help maintain compliance in the event of an audit or investigation.

In a recent case, an important pharmaceutical company used a virtual dataroom in support of a merger with another industry giant. The VDR’s ease of communication and improved security of data allowed the parties to reach an www.dataroomtechnologies.com/virtual-data-room-for-small-and-medium-enterprises/ agreement quickly.

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