How to Write a Board Report

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A well-written report on the board can help a board committee communicate effectively with the entire board. Making effective reports requires careful analysis of how to structure the content and the best way to present it so that board members have the information they need to make the right decisions on behalf of the organization.

The writing of a board report may be a daunting task for certain. However when you take the proper method, it is possible to write engaging and informative reports from committees that aid in making informed choices and provide effective oversight. When writing a report for an organization, keep in mind the following crucial elements.

1. Clearly state the purpose of your report, says Barbara Anderson, non-executive director and chair on four different boards. This is vital to the effectiveness of any board report as it tells your very busy readers if you’re writing to inform, ask for their opinions or request an opinion.

2. Avoid using too much jargon or technical language, and make sure you are clear on the context of what you’re presenting. Board members have a lot of work to do and will likely be reading your report ahead of the meeting to form their questions, so they need to be able to digest the information quickly and easily.

3. Provide meaningful analysis and interpretation of the data you present. Data on its factors that impact nonprofit success own does not tell a complete story; it must be presented with analysis and interpretation in order to provide meaning to the numbers. This will help your board members comprehend the benefits and challenges facing your business.

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