Tips for Energizing Online Board Meetings

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Online board meetings are a great tool for effective decision-making. However, when they’re not conducted properly, they could result in boredom and low participation. To keep your virtual meetings lively take these easy steps to improve the quality of your meetings and boost your productivity.

Discuss the agenda with attendees prior to the meeting, so that everyone has an understanding of what’s going to be discussed. Consider asking your board members to watch from a quiet area free of distractions. Ask participants to utilize the “raise hand function” of your virtual meeting software when they wish to speak, so that they don’t risk talking too much or losing the point.

Set a time limit for each topic to keep the discussion focused on important topics. This allows all members to take part and keeps discussions from getting off-topic or distracting other participants. Encourage your board members to turn off their microphones when not talking to cut down on background noises including children, pets and coworkers.

Also, try to close the meeting in time, as this shows respect for your fellow board members’ time. It is also a best practice to send out the minutes when the meeting ends. It is also software for corporations helpful to streamline the process of recording and distributing minutes using the built-in features of your software for managing boards including inline task delegate.

This will ensure that all board members are on the same page about what transpired during the meeting and what should be done in between meetings.

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