What is Boardroom Service?

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Boardroom service is one of the types of dining in-room offered by some resorts and hotels. It lets guests make orders for food and drinks via a phone application that connects to a server who then delivers them to the hotel room. It’s a popular choice for luxury resorts and hotels however it is also available in some hotels and cruise ships.

It might appear extravagant to have the dinner in your hotel room wearing a bathrobe. However, many travelers find this a luxury amenity and appreciate a relaxing time in their rooms. It can even be an ideal way to commemorate an anniversary. Hotels must adhere to the most effective practices for food preparation to maintain the quality and safety while providing a unique guest experience.

A boardroom is where an entire group of people, usually those who are chosen by shareholders to manage a corporation, can make crucial decisions that impact the company, the employees as well as investors and the economy. It is a place where a number of important metrics are discussed, including financial performance and strategic plans as well as future results.

EOLIS provides executive search and advisory services for corporate boards, public companies and private equity companies. Boardroom Services are provided by the company and include the sourcing of candidates, evaluation, board member selection as well as succession planning and managing special projects such as the ad-hoc search, vetting, and offers for legal talent. The firm offers career coaching and development services for lawyers who want to join the corporate board.

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