The Fundamentals of Business Data Communication

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Data communication enables electronic and digital information to be sent between two networks regardless of the location or the type of data. Businesses that make use of the technology can improve their operational efficiency and competitiveness by enhancing communication. It also provides the basis for altering business processes to make them more efficient and innovative.

In the present, increasingly information-driven world, it is crucial for any business to be able to extract valuable data from a vast amount of information. It is also important to communicate this knowledge to others. These skills are developed through the study of three core areas that include: Understanding Data, Extracting Valuable Information and Effective Communication. Students who are looking for an occupation that involves the management of information or businesses should have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of data communication.

This best-selling book is praised for its accuracy and clarity as well as its cutting-edge approach. It offers students an extensive understanding of information communications and networking, including network and hardware designs to security and LANs. The text begins by discussing requirements, then examines communication and networking options to meet these requirements.

A major goal of the text is to present the technical material in a context relevant to the requirements and concerns of business managers and employees. The material is arranged around the requirements and applications, rather than the technology behind it.


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