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Yesterday I pushed a little too much and I reaped the consequences. I figured I was feeling well enough to knock out a chore that’s been on my mind. We have a huge ant colony under the brick patio in our back yard. I decided it shouldn’t be to much for me to flip the edge wedged bricks and sprinkle diatomaceous powder underneath and flip them back, creating a complete barrier around all their exit points.

Biggest freaking ant colony I’ve ever seen and we have constantly had issues with the ants in the house and them not taking baits or poison. This powder slowly dehydrates ants and other bugs that crawl through it. Any way, I got winded pretty fast but the pain wasn’t at my “stop working” level yet. Just about to round up scooting the bricks back (cant pick them up, uses too much abs) well, I had to pick one up and try to re-seat it.

Huge burst of pain through my abdominal muscles and so I dropped it and stood up from the pain, only to create a nice lack of blood floor to the ol’ thinker. I managed to stumble 1-ish steps toward the grass before I fainted. Nothing bad happened, heart was racing and my abs were screaming. Realized then …I may have overdid it. Felt completely exhausted for the rest of the day and like jelly. Almost fell asleep during Game of Thrones, which I was excited for.

Today I feel pretty tired and tight. I did my 15 minute doctor ordered walk and decided its time to try a sit-up again.

Did 2 sit ups today, hurt like hell but progress. Quite a bit shy of the 80+ under 2 minutes back when I was in the Army. Yesterday I pushed a little too much and I reaped the consequences but gotta find limits. Nausea is still coming and going, muscle spasms are on the rise but that’s from me taking advantage of a decent feeling day. I can pick up my daughter now, I just can’t hold her. That’s my most exciting news for me. Eating still is slow but awesomely pain free.

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