Clarify some questions I’ve been getting on the VA situation. (no dates, no flights, no surgery)

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I would like to clarify some questions I’ve been getting on the VA situation. (no dates, no flights, no surgery)

The VA and Medicaid (so I’ve been told) doesn’t accept E-diagnosis. Electronic diagnosis. They will accept E-denials from electronic consults, as it has happened in my medical documents but not to diagnose. It seems very silly, given the case. Dr Hsu had been electronically communicating with all the crucial doctors with directions and instructions for my care to accurately diagnose me if I had the condition. OHSU went forth with the test that they never have done in the belief Dr Hsu was operating within the month. (then the VA pulled the plug) Dr Hsu, having all my past test and medical history and personal phone calls to establish care, was confident that given a successful block it would confirm my condition and he would go forward with the surgery, other VA and OHSU doctors agreed with that.

The Director of the Roseburg VA, who was under instructions by the Regional Director in Washington State and the Director of Community Care have verbally made it very clear to me, over phone, that they have only approved a consult with Dr Hsu. Not the surgery, just the face to face consult to get the diagnosis, so the system would accept. Dr Hsu has said he doesn’t need that face to face to make the diagnosis as nothing in person through an exam would challenge the tests we’ve done.

After I fly out to Connecticut and get the consult, I will either have to wait or fly back and wait for the surgery approval. Some underlings have miscommunicated that no the surgery is approved, that is false. It is not approved, yet.  When it is, I will announce it, if its confirmed.

Good people are working to figure out if there could be ways to back the consult up to a preapproved surgery and if that’s an option or not. I have not heard anything new on that idea. Tomorrow I should be getting a few phone calls that should get things a little closer.

No dates are set, no plane tickets bought. Just miscommunication and logistical stuffs. I don’t know any details on the how’s and why’s either. It’s been pretty quiet across all fronts.

Straight from the horses mouth,
Thank you for all your support thus far, please stick around you all have been a huge mental support. It’s too big to fail.


Have a Merry Christmas!

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