Types of Board Room Software

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There are a number of board room software options available on the market that can streamline every step of the meeting process, from preparation to execution and follow-up. The best choice will differ in accordance with the needs and goals of each business. No matter what platform they choose there are a few essential features that are crucial to success.

The most important feature is the security of the board portal. This ensures confidentiality and secure storage of documents. Board management systems should also provide high levels of user-friendliness, and incorporate an array of tools for collaboration to help improve collaboration and decision-making.

This includes tools for meeting coordination and scheduling like calendars and simple automated tools that let board members to view each other’s availability. Administrators can also make meeting materials by using tools for creating agendas and minutes.

Other features worth a look include real-time document editing and annotation chat and discussion online, and built-in video conferencing. These tools can help foster collaboration and encourage participation during meetings, and also in follow-up conversations between directors.

Furthermore, board management software that support eSignature and voting allow directors to sign resolutions, fill out surveys or self-assessments, and even conduct polls at the conclusion of the meeting. This eliminates paper-based processes, allowing boards to comply with security standards and reduce their environmental impact.


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